Social Media Evidence CLE Programs

    Ethan teaches social media evidence CLE programs to lawyers, law firms, and legal associations. He has taught continuing education courses about social media, evidence, and ethics to thousands of attorneys worldwide through live and online programs. Choose from Ethan's most popular programs below or ask him to design a one hour, half day, or full day workshop at your office, firm retreat, or conference. Nearly all of Ethan's social media CLE programs qualify for both ethics and general CLE credit. Contact Ethan today to schedule your social media CLE.

    Effective Strategies for Conducting Social Media Discovery

    Social media evidence can make or break your case. With nearly everyone using social media to chronicle their personal and professional lives, it is critical to explore social media for potential evidence. Do you have the appropriate strategy to discover, request, and preserve social media evidence in each of your cases?

    Ethan’s social media evidence CLE will teach you how to:

    • Locate, collect, and preserve social media evidence through ethical investigations and formal discovery procedures
    • Avoid serious consequences and sanctions for improperly using social media in your cases and failing to preserve your clients’ evidence

    Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls in Using Social Media in Litigation

    While social media can be an effective tool for conducting research, strategic discovery, and provide an upper hand in litigation, there are critical ethical pitfalls inherent when using these platforms that must be avoided. Are you aware of how the rules of professional conduct apply to attorneys and law firm staff using social media in your jurisdiction?

    Ethan’s social media ethics CLE will teach you how to:

    • Identify potential ethical pitfalls encountered when using social media in investigations, discovery and litigation.
    • Understand the ethics rules and opinions that govern social media investigations, friend requests, collection of evidence, and preservation of your clients’ social media content.

    Social Media Evidence, Authentication, and Admissibility

    Social media evidence will never see the inside of a courtroom if it is not properly requested, authenticated, and preserved. Are you up to date on the evidence rules that apply to social media?

    Ethan’s social media evidence CLE will teach you how to:

    • Anticipate and address common objections to social media investigations, discovery, and admission of evidence at trial and evidentiary hearings.
    • Develop strategies for preserving, authenticating, and admitting social media evidence at hearings, depositions, and trial.

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