Pay Per Click Advertising For Your Law Firm

    Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising allows you to target new clients based on the keyword phrases they search on Google. By bidding on targeted keywords, you can increase the amount of traffic to your law firm’s website and attract your ideal leads based on the services you provide. With tools like Google AdWords and Bing Ads, we can help select the most relevant keywords to increase your incoming leads and ultimately gain more clients. Contact Ethan to learn how integrating PPC advertising can improve your law firm’s online presence.

    Targeting The Right Keywords Can Turn A Lead Into A Client

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    Pay Per Click Advertising

    Let Your Target Audience Find You By Investing In Highly Relevant Keywords

    If someone is looking for an attorney, there’s no better indication than their online search query. By searching for specific terms such as “bankruptcy attorney” or “immigration lawyer,” it’s highly likely that the individual searching is ready to hire a lawyer to help them. Investing in PPC advertising is an effective way for your law firm to get in front of your target audience and lead this individual to your website to convert into a client.

    PPC campaigns have been a tried and true marketing method for law firms due to the immediate flow of new leads it can provide. By incorporating proven techniques and strategies, we’ve developed the expertise to provide more effective paid search campaigns that maximize keyword relevance, implement a ROI-focused bid plan, and apply expert-level strategies throughout the optimization process.    

    The Right Words Make A Difference

    By Incorporating Specific Terms, We Can Increase Your Law Firm’s Relevance

    When we start using PPC advertising for your law firm, we’ll provide a sample list of keywords that show the search volume for your area of law in your specific location. By reviewing the monthly impressions and the associated cost per click for each keyword, you can set your PPC ad budget. We will then create a PPC campaign that is designed to display ads for your law firm to individuals searching for relevant keywords and direct qualified leads to your landing page. This increases the likelihood that this individual will contact you instead of one of your competitors.   

    Throughout the process of establishing your PPC campaign, we will target specific locations and devices, monitor results through Google AdWords, and optimize your search terms based on the amount of traffic being generated. We will also develop multiple ad variations using your firm’s value propositions and test them against each other to provide optimum results for your law firm. This will result in more leads to your law firm for a lower cost per conversion.

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