Social Media Marketing & Advertising For Lawyers

    Social media marketing is necessary for attracting new clients, but many lawyers are unclear how to use social media for marketing and how to apply the ethics rules to social media. Our full-service social media marketing team will develop your law firm’s strategic plan for attracting new clients in a manner that complies with the legal advertising ethic rules. We will then develop and schedule social media posts and sponsored content to engage your law firm’s ideal clients Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and attract them back to your website. Contact Ethan today to learn more about creating a social media marketing and advertising plan for your law firm.

    We execute social media marketing strategies to attract new clients for your law firm

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    Social Media Marketing

    Engage New Clients On Social Media With A Solid Strategy

    We begin by building the foundation for a successful social media marketing campaign. We start by creating your firm’s social media content strategy, developing an engagement schedule through our unique social media calendar, and enhance your firm’s social media presence to ensure a consistent marketing message across each social media channel. This will provide the foundation to achieve actual, measurable results that will increase your audience, engagement, and traffic to your website.

    We then execute your social media marketing campaign by developing innovative content designed to engage your target clients and referral sources, schedule social media content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram through our editorial calendar, and maintain a robust engagement strategy to ensure that your profiles receive maximum exposure. Each week, you receive our proposed social media content for the following week that is optimized for each social media platform for your approval. We then schedule and post your content natively to each social media profile, manage your engagement, and adapt our strategy on an on-going basis to ensure that we achieve the best possible results. Essentially, we do the heavy lifting and you experience the results.

    Social Media Advertising

    Build Your Online Following With Well-Placed Social Media Ads

    Through social media advertising, we can grow your law firm’s audience on social media, increase engagement, and attract new clients while demonstrating the return on investment through analytics and tracking. Since social media advertising enables your firm to target specific audiences to strategically market your services, you can execute a powerful marketing campaign and track analytics to your advantage.  

    We handle the entire process from soup to nuts. We create your ad content, build your audience, post and manage the campaigns, and constantly make adjustments to increase the amount of leads and decrease the cost per client conversion.  From lead generation to re-marketing, we tailor the ad strategies that fit your law firm’s unique goals and objectives.

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