Social Media Training and Coaching For Lawyers

    Many lawyers hesitate to engage in social media marketing because they doubt they can achieve results and are afraid of how to apply the legal advertising ethics rules. With our social media training and coaching programs, we take the mystery out of social media marketing for lawyers. Whether you want to train your entire team or need individual attention to support your social media goals, we have the expertise to guide you through the ins and outs of social media marketing so you can begin using social media to attract new clients for your law firm. Contact Ethan today about social media training and coaching for your law firm.

    Learn to harness social media to promote your law firm and attract new clients.

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    Social Media Training

    Discover How to Execute Social Media Strategies to Promote Your Law Firm

    A social media training program at your office will get attorneys to “buy in” to your social media marketing efforts and help amplify the firm’s results. We begin with a firm-wide CLE training program to provide your attorneys with an overview of best practices for law firm social media marketing, the relevant ethics rules, and unique strategies to developing more leads and clients. 

    We’ll then train your attorneys on social media strategies they can implement to attract more clients and work with them one-on-one to identify their specific marketing goals, strengths, and develop their individual social media client development plan.

    Social Media Coaching

    Achieve Your Law Firm’s Social Media Marketing Goals with One-On-One Training

    We work with your individual attorneys to develop or execute their marketing plans to ensure that their social media marketing goals are being achieved. We assist each attorney with identifying their specific goals, setting a schedule of strategic steps, and providing the necessary guidance advice to succeed. 

    Since each attorney has unique strengths, interests, and knowledge of social media, we tailor each attorney’s plan to their specific goals and objectives. By providing ongoing coaching, we can ensure that your attorneys remain accountable to their marketing plans and attract more clients for your law firm that far exceeds the return on investment.

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