Benefits of Social Media for Attorneys

    March 24, 2011

    Attorneys and law firms should balance the rewards and risks of using social media to promote their practice.  Many attorneys are hesistant to dive into online marketing through social media because they are unaware of the benefits social media provides:

    Social media is an important marketing and business development tool.  Attorneys and law firms are beginning to recognize that social media websites, like blogs, are a valuable form of branding and relationship building.  Social media is an effective means of communicating your firm’s brand to today’s online marketplace.

    Social media adds value. Your brand is critical to the success of your firm.  Your attorneys serve as a reflection of your firm’s brand in the courtroom, boardroom, and through their online activities.  Responsible and effective social media activities add value to the firm’s business and helps generate new clients by:

    • promoting your firm, attorneys, client success stories, and firm accomplishments to a vast online community;


    • promoting your attorney’s knowledge or skills by sharing firm blog posts, articles of interest, and advertises publications and presentations by firm attorneys;


    • building a sense of community – potential clients hire firms with attorneys they know, like, and trust; and


    • helping promote the firm’s values by becoming an extension of the firm’s brand.

    Like any successful marketing campagin, social media will not generate clients over time.  Your law firm should brainstorm your short term and long term online marketing goals, create a business development plan, and consult internal and external marketing professionals for advice.  Over the coming months, this blog can also serve as a resource to identify how your firm can use social media professioanly, effectively, and ethically.

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