Boost Your Social Media Marketing with Online Reviews!

    March 10, 2019

    Reviews and endorsements from clients and colleagues are critical to the success of social media marketing for attorneys. In general, people are more likely to believe a firm is reputable if they have positive reviews online, and prospective clients typically rely on reviews to make informed decisions about who to hire for their legal needs. Don’t believe me? Consider this:


    Let’s say a client is searching for a family law attorney in New Orleans and they find two different attorneys atop their Google search. One of them is you. The Google search result shows your law firm’s name, address, phone number, and other basic information the prospective client would expect to find about your practice. The attorney below you has the same basic information about their family law firm, but the attorney has over twenty 5-star ratings on their Google profile. You don’t have any. Who do you think that client is going to call?


    Reviews can help with law firm reputation management


    There are several reasons to collect online reviews and integrate them into your law firm social media marketing strategy. First, clients who visit your Facebook page will see your firm’s reviews (or lack thereof) and compare the number and quality of your endorsements with those of your competitors. Second, Google will collect your law firm’s Facebook reviews and will display them alongside your law firm’s Google search results. Thus, if someone searches for “employment lawyer in Austin,” Google will display your reviews and that of your local competitors’ side-by-side to help the client make a hiring decision. Third, Google will also list reviews that your past clients leave on Google and factor that into your local search rankings – and the more positive reviews you collect, the higher your law firm will rank in a potential client’s search. You therefore cannot afford to ignore the impact of online reviews.


    Strategies for social media marketing for lawyers 


    When it comes to your online attorney reputation management strategy, your ultimate goal should be to develop 5-star reviews from your past clients. Once you have these reviews, you need to put a system in place so that you can easily request reviews from existing and future clients and have them published on Google, Facebook, and other relevant websites where your ideal clients may find you. For now, your plan should be to identify a list of past and current clients and colleagues that you believe would be willing to leave your law firm a positive review. You can then execute a strategy that will request these reviews from past clients to start improving your law firm’s online reputation and search position.



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