Engage Your Facebook Audience to Attract New Clients

    August 2, 2016

    Engaging with friends and colleagues is a proven social media marketing strategy to attract new clients. As a practicing attorney and social media consultant for lawyers, I understand how important it is to engage with my colleagues and stay on my network’s radar screen so that they think of me when its time to hire or a refer a lawyer.

    You can engage your network stay top of mind by frequently sharing content and keeping in touch with friends through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When you engage your network by posting content regularly, you create a lasting impression that will eventually lead to new clients.

    How to Engage Your Audience on Facebook

    1. From either the Profile or Home page, locate the dialogue box entitled What’s On Your Mind?
    2. Type a status update, paste a link, add photos or videos to that box.
    3. Select the silhouette icon to Tag a Friend in the post. This will create a link to the friend’s Profile in your post and cause it also appear on the tagged friend’s timeline.
    4. Select the balloon icon to Add a Location to the post, if desired
    5. Select post. 

    Once content has been posted, your Facebook friends can like, comment, or share your content. By tagging your friends in a post, it will invite them to join in the conversation. The interactions that follow will lead to lasting relationships and keep you top of mind.

     How to Continue the Conversation

    Once you engage your audience by sharing interesting content, you can conversation the conversation in a private message. Facebook hosts its own private messaging system to enable you to continue conversations that start in a public post in a more private manner which could ultimately lead to new business.

    To send a private message:

    1. Select Messages on the top left side of the Home page or the envelope icon on the top right side of both the Home and Profile
    2. A list of messages appears in the box on the left.
    3. Create a new message by selecting the Create New Message link at the top of the page. Type in the name of the recipient, followed by the message in the space provided, and then select

    Facebook saves messages in a conversation style, while organizing the conversations in chronological order. You can then search for a specific message by typing the name of the recipient/sender in the search bar at the top of the Messages page. Messages are automatically saved indefinitely. This will make it easy to follow up with colleagues and friends who have previously reached out to you. And follow ups are a tried-and-true method of ensuring that YOU are the lawyer they think of when its time to engage someone for legal work. 


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