How Social Media Helps Attorneys Generate Business

    December 8, 2015

    Social media is an essential marketing and business development tool. Lawyers and law firms now recognize that social media sites are a valuable form of branding and relationship building. Social media is an effective means of communicating a lawyer’s practice, skills, and personality in today’s online marketplace and helps lawyers and firms establish and maintain relationships with clients and contacts.


    Social Media is an Extension of the Firm’s Brand. A firm’s brand is critical to its success, and its lawyers serve as a reflection of the brand in the courtroom, boardroom, and through their online activities. Responsible and effective social media activities can add value to the firm’s business and help generate new clients in the following ways:


    • Promote the firm and its lawyers. News about client success stories and firm accomplishments are disseminated to a vast online community.


    • Establish lawyers’ knowledge or skills. Blog posts, articles of interest, and news about publications and presentations help build a firm’s reputation.


    • Build a sense of community. Potential clients want to hire firms with lawyers they know, like, and trust.


    • Highlight the firm’s values. Social media becomes an extension of the firm’s brand in an area where clients spend the majority of their time on the Internet.


    Lawyers and law firms can remain top of mind on potential clients and referral source’s radar screen by developing a social media-marketing plan and strategy. Click here to learn more about social media marketing strategies.

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