LinkedIn for Lawyers: Create a Group to Spark Referrals and Discussion

    May 31, 2016

    Lawyers can easily create their own Group for an organization or an area of interest. Creating a Group will build a sense of community, foster meaningful discussions, and lead to new business opportunities. By creating a Group, a lawyer can be seen as a leader in their field and control the Group settings. To create a Group:

    1. Hover over Interests at the top of the LinkedIn page.
    2. Select Groups.
    3. Select Create a Group.
    4. Name the Group and upload a logo.
    5. Use the pull-down menu to choose a Group Type (alumni, corporate, conference, networking, nonprofit, professional, or other).
    6. Enter a brief description of the Group into the Summary that will appear in the Groups directory.
    7. Enter a full description of the Group in the Description area that will appear on the Group page.
    8. Enter a website for the organization, if applicable.
    9. Enter the email address for the Group Owner.
    10. The lawyer can determine how LinkedIn members can access the Group. The Group Owner can select Auto-Join, which permits anyone to join the Group without needing approval, or Request to Join, where a lawyer must request to be approved by the Group Owner. The latter option allows the Group Owner to give additional Group members administrative control over the Group (send invitations, accept requests to join the Group, change logo, etc.).

    Learn more about How to Network with LinkedIn Groups by watching Ethan’s YouTube video.

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