LinkedIn for Lawyers: Locate a Networking Groups

    June 7, 2016

    LinkedIn allows a lawyer to easily find groups of interest by searching for them specifically. Locating a Group that compliments the lawyer’s practice areas can lead to new relationships and referrals.  To search for a Group:

    1. Hover over Interests at the top of the LinkedIn page.
    2. Select Groups.
    3. Select Find Group.
    4. Type in name, topic or keyword to generate search results. Starting a Group Discussion The lawyer can share knowledge and interact with another’s content within the group setting by engaging in Discussions.

    To start a Discussion:

    1. Hover over Interests at the top of the LinkedIn page.
    2. Select Groups.
    3. Type in a topic in the Discussion Topic Dialogue Box and select a particular group to share it with. Posting on the Activity Feed

    To encourage networking and development, LinkedIn continually updates the lawyer’s activity feed, maximizing the exposure of the lawyer’s content. The lawyer can use the activity feed to highlight recent successes and awards, to provide clients updates on the law, and to generally display knowledge and success.

    To share an item on the activity feed:

    1. From the Home screen, type in content in the dialogue box at the top of the page. The lawyer has the option of simultaneously attaching an image or document to the post. Links to websites or other articles may also be copied and pasted into the dialogue box to generate a post.
    2. Once a lawyer posts the content, the post will appear in the activity feed of other LinkedIn users with whom the lawyer is connected. Those other users can “like,” “comment,” or even “share” the original post in their activity feed, fostering additional exposure of the lawyer’s content.

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