LinkedIn for Lawyers: Tips for Generating New Business

    June 21, 2016

    The primary purpose of LinkedIn is more than simply a place to post a resumé; the law firm’s website already does that. It is to make and expand professional connections, grow a lawyer’s network, and generate positive exposure. By developing a professional profile, sharing engaging information, and connecting with other trusted LinkedIn users to expand their valuable professional network, the lawyer can generate new clients and valuable referral sources. Here are some tips:

    • A list of Contacts can act as a handy virtual Rolodex of the complete LinkedIn Profiles in a lawyer’s network, but the real power of LinkedIn is that the lawyer can search their contacts’ contacts for people or companies. These common users are known as second- and third-degree connections. These connections are helpful when a lawyer does not know a LinkedIn user, but wants an introduction from a LinkedIn user they do know that is also connected to that user.
    • Notably, LinkedIn does not encourage connecting with people the lawyer does not know. People with whom a lawyer wants to connect must affirm the request, and the lawyer must accept any incoming requests before they are connected. Once someone affirms a lawyer’s request, the lawyer will be able to see that person’s full Profile and the person will be added to the lawyer’s LinkedIn Contacts, which can be seen by selecting the Contacts tab at the top of the LinkedIn page.
    • The lawyer can upgrade their account by selecting Upgrade Your Account at the bottom left, which will permit the choice of three types of upgraded accounts: Business, Business Plus, and Executive. We recommend a lawyer becomes familiar with the basic LinkedIn account before they consider investing in an upgrade.
    • Additional information about advanced LinkedIn use can be found on LinkedIn’s instructional page at

    Click here for Ethan’s video Introduction to LinkedIn for Legal Marketing on YouTube.

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