My Three-Step Formula For Social Media Marketing For Law Firms

    April 16, 2018

    There’s no one size fits all approach to social media marketing for law firms. Every lawyer has their own unique skills, talents, and marketing objectives, so the social media strategies that may benefit a family lawyer in a small community may not work as well for a technology lawyer in San Francisco. While there are best practices that work well for lawyers and law firms of different shapes, sizes, and practices areas, there is simply no substitute for developing a marketing strategy that is tailored to your specific practice. The key is to develop a strategy that works for you.

    I have helped thousands of lawyers from all different firm sizes and practice areas develop their unique social media strategies to help them engage more clients on social media. While every lawyer’s marketing goals and objectives to grow their firm are different, the three-step formula that works for each of them is the same:

    Plan, Prepare, and Execute

    I cover each of these steps in great detail throughout my newest book Social Skills: How to Attract More Clients for Your Law Firm through Social Media Marketing, but here’s an overview of each step to get you started:

    Step 1: Plan

    If you want to attract new clients on social media, you need to have a plan. Developing your social media marketing plan will provide you with a roadmap for preparing and executing strategies and tactics that will enable you to bring in new clients. By defining your ultimate marketing goals, the types of clients you want to appeal to, and the specific areas of law in which you want to become a well-known expert from the start, you can then determine the right strategies to implement on social media. In the planning phase, you should develop your communication strategy, content strategy, engagement strategy, and conversion strategies for your law firm. With these strategies in place, you’ll be ready to build the foundation for a successful social media marketing campaign.

    Step 2: Prepare

    Once your plan is in place, you’ll need to prepare the foundation for a successful marketing campaign. This begins with creating photos, videos, and blogs for social media content and building professional profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You’ll also want to make sure your website, email marketing, and online reviews are integrated into your social media strategy so that you can more easily convert friends, fans, and followers into potential leads. Once this foundation is in place, you’ll be ready to target your ideal clients, drive them back to your website, and nurture them into quality leads for your firm.

    Step 3: Execute

    With your foundation in place, you’ll be ready to execute your social media marketing strategies. You can accomplish this by creating a social media calendar, developing social media content for lead generation, and engaging your audience through your social media posts. You can also leverage technology to automatically convert social media followers to email marketing subscribers so that they become a click away from becoming your next client. Doing this consistently will help you build a steady stream of new leads through social media without interrupting your existing practice or taking time away from the things that matter most.

    Where to go from here?

    Following my three-step formula for social media marketing will help you develop an effective marketing strategy regardless of your firm’s shape, size, or practice areas. With that being said, it will not help you increase your business unless you put in the work. If you thoughtfully craft your marketing plan, prepare the proper foundation, and execute your strategies on a consistent basis, you will achieve success, attract new clients, and grow your practice.

    To help you along the way, I’ve prepared a 5 Step Guide to Developing Your Social Media Marketing Plan. Simply click on the image below to download the guide:

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