Social Media Marketing for Attorneys – How to put your plan into action

    March 28, 2019

    At Social Media Law and Order, we talk a lot about social media marketing for law firms and lawyers. Nearly everyone knows that social media is a valuable tool and, when used correctly, can help you attract new prospects and build strong, authentic relationships with your current clients. But how do you get started?


    Before you start using social media for your law firm, you need to create a plan for your marketing, which includes deciding which platforms you’re going to use and what you’re going to post. But once you have a plan, you need to put it into action. Before you start creating profiles and posts, you’ll need to build the foundation for a successful social media marketing campaign. This can be achieved by synthesizing your marketing plan into specific objectives, initiatives, and tactics that will enable you to accomplish your desired results.


    The first step to using social media marketing for lawyers is to develop content that will help you draw in potential clients on social media. Start by analyzing how your photography, video content, blogs, whitepapers, and other “traditional marketing” materials can be leveraged for social media content and lead generation.


    The next step is to create your professional social media profiles on the major social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Even if you don’t plan to actively use each of these profiles for marketing, developing a professional profile will enable clients to easily find your firm on their preferred social media platform.


    The third step is to optimize your integrated digital marketing components. You can accomplish this by updating and revising your firm’s website for lead generation, preparing your initial email marketing campaign, and developing your system for building positive online reviews to improve your chances of nurturing leads into clients.


    Once this foundation is in place, you’ll be ready to execute your social media campaign by developing content that will engage your target audience, drive them back to your website, and nurture them into becoming new clients.


    For a lot of lawyers, this process can seem overwhelming at first. Never fear – Social Media Law and Order is here to help! When it comes to social media marketing for attorneys, we know all of the dos and don’ts that lawyers need to be aware of. Let us act as your guide and share our best practices for commissioning new content that will ensure your profiles stand out amongst the crowd. Contact us now and let’s get to work!


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