Social Media Marketing for Lawyers: Prepare the Foundation for Success

    September 5, 2019

    Having a law firm social media marketing plan is a good first step toward attracting new clients, but to develop a successful campaign, you must then lay a strong foundation. In other words, after the plan comes preparation. This should make sense, but if you’re the type that’s ready to dive in headfirst – consider how a contractor would build a house. First, they would architect a plan, then lay a solid foundation, and then build a house atop it. The same analogy works for social media marketing for lawyers. Here are a few steps should you take to plan your social media campaign:

    1. Develop content that will help you draw in potential clients on social media. Start by analyzing what photos, videos, blogs, whitepapers and other “traditional marketing” materials can be leveraged for social media content and lead generation. Having quality content will attract potential client’s attention and ensure your profiles stand out amongst the crowd. Develop a calendar to schedule out when and where you will publish your content to ideal audience. 
    1. Create professional social media profiles. I recommend building profiles across the major social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and possibly Instagram depending on who you are targeting. Even if you don’t plan to actively use each of these profiles for marketing, developing a professional profile will enable clients to easily find your firm on their preferred social media platform – and direct them back to your website.  
    1. Integrate your lead generation campaigns. Before executing your law firm social media marketing strategy, you’ll also want to decide how you will turn friends and followers into leads and clients. You can do this by integrating Facebook advertising campaigns or email marketing for lawyers by syncing your MailChimp account to a lead generation ad. This will provide opportunities for leads to stay in touch with your firm until the time comes to hire you.

    As you can see, preparation is key to successful social media marketing for attorneys. If you follow the steps above, you will be well on your way to see your desired results.

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