What Content Works for Social Media Marketing for Law Firms?

    April 9, 2019

    As an attorney, understanding social media marketing for law firms is more than important – it’s a critical tool you can use to keep your practice top of mind with your friends and colleagues. But simply having a profile won’t do the trick. The real secret is to carefully curate your content so that it’s new, engaging, and insightful. If you’re consistently posting new content and interacting with your audience, you’re on the right path. Let’s take a look at some of the tactics you can use to create posts that help keep you top of mind when the time is right to hire a lawyer or provide a referral.


    While there’s no replacement for “traditional” engagement by calling an old friend or meeting over lunch, you can engage with a large number of people in your network through social media in just a few minutes a day. By routinely sharing updates on social media and interacting with your friends online, you are likely to remain on their radar so that you are the first person they think of when they need help. But, when it comes to social media marketing for attorneys, you need to develop the visual and educational content that can be used to attract attention and effectively engage your target client.


    Here are some of the elements you can use to drive engagement and make your law firm stand out:


    • Professional photography is necessary for social media marketing for lawyers, as it will serve as the foundation to create visually appealing posts that will increase engagement.


    • Video content is a vital lead generation tool as you can easily educate your potential clients about your area of law and how you can help them.


    • Educational content such as blogs, articles, speaking engagements, and whitepapers allow you to develop an in-depth analysis of legal issues to educate your client base.


    • “Traditional” marketing content such as press releases, awards, and media exposure can be repurposed and shared with your online audience to provide a complete picture of your practice.


    Once you create this content, you can then upload or “link” them to your social media posts so that your followers can interact and engage with you.


    Need help getting started? At Social Media Law and Order, our social media and digital marketing services help lawyers attract new clients and increase referrals in a manner that complies with legal advertising ethics rules. We’ll show you how to create a social media plan that can be used as a roadmap to develop content that will help you attract your target clients. Contact us today to learn more about social media marketing for law firms and how you can use our system to keep your services top of mind with your current and potential clients.

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