Why aren’t people engaging with your posts?

    May 14, 2018

    There is absolutely nothing worse in life than creating quality social media content and hardly getting any likes or comments from your followers. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration… but it’s certainly frustrating to spend time writing content that your target audience rarely interacts with.

    Lawyers are often surprised to learn that their posts aren’t the problem, but that they haven’t executed an engagement strategy that gets their content in front of their target audience.


    Where are You Engaging Your Target Clients?

    Your social media engagement strategy starts by deciding where you are going to engage your target clients. In other words, which social media profiles will you use?

    Every social media platform is different. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feature different interfaces, messaging systems, and methods of connecting with potential clients. Your social media marketing plan should take into account the likelihood that you’ll engage your target clients and how these tools will help accomplish your objectives. Consider the following examples:

    Facebook is a terrific avenue to engage with personal and professional contacts you already know. If you practice personal injury law, family law, immigration law, estate planning, criminal law, foreclosure defense, and other consumer-directed areas of law, you’ll find that Facebook is an effective tool to draw in new business. This is because your friends and colleagues are prime candidates to become potential clients and referrals sources.

    LinkedIn is a much more professional platform. Your connections expect you to share information about your practice, articles of interests, and engage in discussions with new and existing contacts. If you practice complex business litigation, employment law, intellectual property, corporate law, professional malpractice, construction law, or represent medium to large sized companies, you might find LinkedIn to be your preferred channel for marketing.

    Twitter enables you to quickly become an authority in your field by engaging in discussions about your unique area of practice and interests. Since Twitter helps you expand your network by connecting with potential clients and colleagues who share similar personal and professional interests, you can quickly become a go-to authority in your field regardless of your practice area.

    No social media site is necessarily “better” than another. Rather, certain platforms offer more opportunities to engage new clients depending on your practice area, strategy, and marketing goals. The key is to learn which of these tools is most useful for attracting new clients and how comfortable you are using each site to accomplish your specific business development goals.


    How are You Engaging with Your Target Clients?

    Your engagement strategy should also account for how you are engaging your followers. Meaning, is your content written in a manner that is designed to foster discussion in the comments and entice people to click back to your website?

    While creating social media content sounds simple enough, it’s much more challenging to create content that will help you attract new clients. Your content should be designed to educate, engage, and entice potential clients to interact with your posts and visit your website.

    Each post should be created with a specific objective in mind. Some posts can be used to make a personal connection with your friends and followers. Others can be designed to entice potential clients to act in a specific way, such as to read your blog or subscribe to your email updates.

    I believe that a successful social media marketing strategy engages your audience with a strategic mix of professional photography, video, and blog content that invites them to engage with you directly on social media, and also invites them back to your website to learn more information. In this way, leads can be captured, nurtured, and converted into potential clients.

    It’s also important to engage your social media friends and followers with content about your personal life, hobbies, interests, and activities so that they can connect with you on both a personal and professional level. You also want to spend time engaging with other people’s content by liking, commenting, and sharing things that you find interesting. I find that the more you engage with other people’s content, the more they will engage with yours. And this will lead to new clients and referrals.


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