Why don’t people “like” your content?

    May 7, 2018

    So, you’re sharing content on social media… but no one is liking it.

    There are a few reasons why this might happen. Maybe you posted during the wrong time of day. Maybe your followers don’t appreciate your update on the rule against perpetuities. Or maybe, just maybe, your content stinks.

    Don’t take that personally. I mean, we’re lawyers after all. Our specialty is persuading judges about personal jurisdiction, not writing clever status updates. So how do we increase the chances that our content will attract the attention of our prospective clients? By developing  your law firm’s content strategy.


    What Content Will You Use to Attract Potential Clients?

    If you’d like to draw leads from social media back to your website, you’ll need to create content that will catch their attention. Start by developing a strategy of how you will use photographs, videos, blogs, and status updates to engage your target audience and gain their attention.

    Every lawyer and law firm is different, so your goal should be to develop a content strategy that plays into your unique strengths, interests, and vision for generating new business.

    For example, if you are a strong writer, you may wish to focus your content strategy on writing blogs, checklists, or a short eBook on your area of law. You can then post links to your blog and encourage your followers to leave their thoughts in the comments or submit questions through your website. You could also let target clients download your checklists or eBook in return for subscribing to your email updates so that you can follow up with them over time.

    Alternatively, if you enjoy networking, you may focus your content strategy on capturing photographs and videos of you hosting networking events, attending local bar meetings, and participating in community events. You can share your experience on social media to demonstrate to your friends and connections that you are a leader in your field and someone that other business leaders trust to achieve results. You could add links to your website within the caption of these posts so that people can learn more about your services and easily contact you for help.


    What Types of Content Should You Consider?

    Consider the following types of content that your law firm can leverage to attract attention on social media:

    Photography: Adding photos to your posts will help tell your story. This also enables potential clients to get to know you before they meet you. Without utilizing high-quality photographs in your social media posts, your content appears bland and will not capture people’s attention when they’re scrolling through their feed.

    Videos: Leverage video content to demonstrate your knowledge and experience in your primary practice areas. Videos quickly capture people’s attention and can be featured on both social media and your website to provide a higher return on investment. They also offer potential clients insight into what it would be like to work with your firm.

    Blogs: Drafting a series of strategic blog posts about your various practice areas will educate clients about your knowledge of the law and qualify you as an expert in your field. Your blogs will help drive traffic back to your website where prospective clients can learn more about your experience and easily contact you. You can also combine your blogs into an eBook that can serve as a powerful lead generation tool.

    While your photography, videos, and blogs will serve as the cornerstones of your content development strategy, you can also repurpose your whitepapers, news stories, published articles, awards, and law review journals as well. By developing a content strategy that is aligned with your existing marketing initiatives, you can more effectively generate exposure for your practice and attract new clients.


    Start Attracting New Clients for Your Law Firm

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